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Mshtarii was established in 2013 as a software developmement
house,with its original and primary core offering focused on
web and mobile communications platfoorms,consisting
of an integrated solution for the KZN government’s service
delivery issues.The original solution,developed by one of our own,
has since envolved into much more than this.

Our ensuring comprehensive and dynamic Software as a Service (SaaS)
offering is now customisable to fit the needs of the most industries who might
be looking for an enterprise solution to monitor exceptions,incidents
and manage cases arising from the same.

Mshtarii’s market strategy has been and is to partner with companies
that are leaders in their respective industries.This, along with these experts, allows us to focus on further developing and supporting our suite of SaaS
offerings, while our partners focus on marketing the solutions into their respective industries.

– Mshtarii develops and supports its own products.
– Mshtarii,s partner companies market & sell our products.
– Natsol, a company contracted by Mshtarii, does all implementation and training
on solutions developed by Mshtarii.

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