(AIMS) Anaytical Investigation Management System

AIMS is a cloud based analytical investigation case management solution.

Saves time and money by tracking and managing your investigations, cases and incidents on your smart device.

Why choose AIMS

Who should use AIMS

Law Enforcement

Internal Investigations

Forensic Companies

Private Investigators

Law Firms

Security Companies

AIMS was developed to streamline the recording, capturing and tracking of vital case files and data when doing investigations. By changing from paper to digital, AIMS allows for easily storage of information, the ability to link connections and locations, attach documents, images and evidence related to a case, in a safe and secure system.


In a nutshell, AIMS manages the case from start to finish, and all the steps in between including documents, images, emails, video, chat, etc. Fully accessible on your smart device whilst in the office or out in the field.

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